Russians for Ukraine

Who are we?
Russians who left Russia at various different times
What do we want?
Peace, that is, victory to Ukraine in this war!
What we are doing this?
We are helping Ukrainian refugees in Europe and sending humanitarian aid to the Ukraine

I want to help

How do we do it?

Since February 26, volunteers of Russians for Ukraine have been meeting refugees at Ukrainian border crossings into Poland. We work as collective and our team consists of translators, lawyers, social workers, psychologists, drivers and porters. We collect and dispatch humanitarian aid, arrange all of its logistics, evacute people out of Ukraine and help them find shelter in safe countries.

What have we done so far?

We have personally spoken with tens of thousands of Ukrainian people and answered hundreds of thousands of questions, as well as solved thousands of difficult tasks to escort people by connecting them with volunteer drivers. We have paid and provided for the transportation of several hundred people and the shipment of tens of tons of humanitarian cargo to Ukraine. Volunteers of Russians for Ukraine are constantly working at two border crossings (Medyka, Korchova), at two refugee reception points (“Tesco”, Hala Kijowska) and at the railway station in Przemysl. We organised work, accommodation, meals for several dozen volunteers from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Israel, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Great Britain, USA, Canada and Australia.